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Why Do We Have 80% Gas Reading instead of 10% Gas in Mud?


Give your verdict this question; “why do we have 80% gas reading instead of 10% gas in mud. If we know the real gas percentage in mud-will it be a good idea to re calibrate the gas reading so as to fit the real value?”

GAS READING FIRST ANSWER : The exact concentration of Hydrocarbon Gas in the mud can only be achieved via laboratory analysis where constant volume/temperature/pressure of mud will be centrifugally spine to extract maximum gas for ionization. This Laboratory Centrifugal Spinning achieved its higher Gas value via the factor of higher SPEED and TIME. FACTS ABOUT UNITED STATE

Gas in Mud along Possum Belly cannot be extracted maximally due to mud flow rate and insufficient time for the propeller to extract all gas before it flow away.
Constant Volume/Temperature Gas Trap might do better but will not still be as high as Laboratory result.
Note that Gas System ionizes CONCENTRATION not QUANTITY of Gas extracted hence escape of Gas during agitation do not affect your result. The concentration of hydrocarbon gas present in the small quantity extracted to your Gas system is the same concentration of gas that escaped. The concentration of Gas escaped will only be reduced when it comes out of the enclosed Canister to mix with atmospheric air.

GAS READING SECOND ANSWER: Gas recorded at any point in time…is a function of the quantity in a column of mud agitated….It is recorded in percent cos it is referencing the whole mud but gotten from part of the mud…It is however a true representation of the estimation of gas in mud and out of hole…though also put in consideration day which escaped during agitation….Therefore. …what u get at a time from a well calibrated gas equipment is 100% of gas out of hole from the column of mud agitated minus the little that escaped during agitation…which however is negligible Thinking of studying or migrating to Canada -fact about Canada

NOTE: If you were faced with this question from a co professional colleagues or panel. What would be your directive or verdict. Substantiate you directive with unbiased professional mind.

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