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University of Venda to introduce witchcraft course, classes will include lightning and thunder


A Benin Professor Has offer to lecture in university of Venda because of his trick in Lightning and thunder storm. And according to the information on ground Esan man in Edo is preparing to apply for admission. Soon you can have a degree in witchcraft if the South African government and the Education Department gives the

University of Venda

a green light for their proposed witchcraft course.

The University is currently piloting the course with students who volunteered. The volunteers are students who are studying other courses with the university and they are picked through a secret non-disclosure invite, If you receive the invite and decided not to join you only sign a non-disclosure.

The lectures are from around Limpopo and Mpumalanga, Bushbuckridge.

All classes are to be attended at night and some of the classes will require student’s to be reacting like X men

“We wish the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (South Africa) will agree to provide funding for future students who are interested in the course, from what I’ve seen so far it’s way beyond science. we can open portals to higher dimensions that are not known by scientists. Personally we have decided that the zombifying will not be offered because it might spark outrage”- Head of Faculty

University of Venda online application

The main problem the University is facing is proper building. They had concluded that the witchcraft building should be remote and robust because the lightning and thunder cause can cause electricity outrage and after performing it the students must use natural running water to wash themselves or the thunder can follow them back to their abode.

This article is total fiction

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