THE TEARS OF NENE 😂😂😂😂😂(A message to my single dude)

Tell me that hardcore lady who has resented the proposal of a thousand and one suitors coming her way and I will tell you how often she has fallen to the vulnerability of men in the past.

My dear dude! It is unfair to know that you have kept a woman in your self contain apartment without a bride price nor a bed price. You promised her marriage just to get free ticket to her panties.
You make her your house help and you tag it girlfriend. Previously, you take your clothings to the dry cleaner but since she came into your world, her palms got ripped off with scales all because of the constant washing of your heavy duvet and jeans.
Your house used to be cleaned twice in a month but her presence made you remember that harmattan season comes with dust and on that note, the whole house must be cleaned every Saturday. Not just that, before she came into your world, you used to eat stale foods but now you have sworn to always eat fresh foods to the extent that the refrigerator in your house is not for storing food again but used for aesthetics.WORDS TO MY SINGLE DUDE…
1. Whatever you won’t like a dude to do to your sister, don’t do it to any lady.2. If you don’t love a lady enough to marry her, kindly let her go. There are so many guys out there that are dying to just have a word with her..

3. Any lady that can go through those turbulent times with you shouldn’t be pushed away when the journey becomes interesting.

4. Don’t take a lady’s emotional vulnerability for stupidity. She has done nothing wrong in loving you.

5. Any lady who you won’t marry, shouldn’t be told marriage at the first instance. That word*marriage* is too sensitive a topic to be joked about.

6. If you want to enjoy her full package, go and meet her parents to do the needful.

7. Bachelorhood is an interesting period but becomes a curse when you go about breaking the heart of innocent ladies who have chosen to make you a Mr but you feed them with tears and chagrin in return .

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8. Prayer for a life partner is not solely on the lady alone. Men are expected to enjoin in the prayers too. Remember, a man will be respected at the city gate because of the presence of his virtuous wife.

9. Stop slaying. You aren’t getting any younger. Don’t pray to remain a bachelor @ 40. Your unborn children won’t be happy with you.

10. Don’t allow any lady shed innocent tears because of you. You will never go scot-free. If only you know that a woman’s tears disrupts the tranquility of the Heavenly coast.

Remember, your status needs to change and most importantly, to the right person.

Enem Chiamaka Becky
Golden Pen

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