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Perfect remedy for toilet infections tested and trusted


Toilet infections-Perfect remedy for toilet infections tested and trusted


How to use this toilet infections combination : read the instruction very carefully

One bottle of Teem bitter lemon,
Two (2) bitter kola
Peel the bitter kola
Put inside the teem drink and leave to soak for three days
Drink it all on the third day preferably in the morning.
This is a perfect remedy for toilet infections
If symptom is still there, repeat the same process until the infection is gone

Please read very carefully on toilet infections 

NB- This is not to be taken by pregnant women or nursing mothers. and if you can’t finish it all at once, drink it two times.
Alternate drink that u can use is any bitter lemon drink.

By Aramide

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    • i will advice you to seek for medical attention to avoid unforeseen.. staph is very bad.. it can cost alot of damage in your body please go to hospital

  1. Pls I have a complaint I had grant of staph but after series of drugs I still experience d same liquid substance coming out of my pens so should I take same bitter kola ND bitter lemon drink

    • Staph is very stubborn bacteria and it’s resistant to antibiotic no matter the antibiotics you take, it will only suppress it and come back in no time. It will take a month to perfect the healing of staph patients coupled with instructions. The patient has to strictly adhere to this. Instructions are base on the eating and drinking habit of the patient. Once, this is done, I can guarantee your healing.

      I will get back to you on what to do..

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