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NYSC News Updates For Batch C 2019 – Important Information


The NYSC management has extended the registration for Remobilization till 10th, October 2019. The reason behind the extension is not known.

The registration for Remobilization is for Corpers who absconded from the NYSC but want to go with batch C. If you belong to NYSC 2019 batch C or a fresh graduate, this does not concern you.

Read the official announcement below.

Registration for Remobilization Online has been extended to Thursday 10th October, 2019.

The extension of the registration for Remobilization did not affect the normal announced NYSC 2019 Batch C Online registration date. The current date for batch C registration is still 14th of October, 2019.  Latest Job

We are yet to get official information about the timetable and senate list upload as at this moment.

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What Is The Next Action After NYSC Registration Date?
NYSC authority made an announcement earlier today about the NYSC 2019 Batch C Online registration date which is to commence on the 14th of October, 2019. Move down to previous updates to read the official details and discover more.

The question most prospective Corps members are asking now is what else can i do, now that we have the registration date.

The new NYSC DG has made a lot of changes since arrival and we are still blending to the new policies from his table. A lot of things have been introduced to the system.
Like the physical verification of foreign graduates, the strict law against traveling without permission, the Date of birth to be added to the NYSC Certificate, the latest abandonment punishment, and other things that you will know of later.

Initially in time past, the NYSC mobilization timetable is always the first step of mobilization but as we can see now that we already have the registration date even when we are yet to have the timetable. Things are dynamic these days and we should all be flexible and roll with the system.

The main thing all prospective Corps members should do now is chill for senate list uploads to begin. The senate list is a list of qualified names of gradiates by an higher institution to the NYSC database and only those whose names are on the senate list will be eligible to register.

For foreign graduates, you don’t have to worry about anything, you don’t need senate list before you can register. All you have to do is wait for 14th and proceed to register.

The enrollment day will make things easier because we now know that all uploads and pre-mobilization and senate list bla bla bla must end before 14th of October 2019.
The proper mobilization timetable will soon be out and you just don’t want to miss the info and other helpful articles that will be coming.

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The Registration Date For Batch C Is Out
The authority of NYSC has released a breaking news about the date for the online registration of NYSC 2019 Batch C. The date is October 14 2019

Read full details below:


The Public & All impending Corps MEMBERS are hereby Advise that NYSC Portal would be opened on Monday 14th October 2019 for 2019 Batch “C’ SERVICE YEAR REGISTRATION PROCESS.

Accordingly, all Nigeria abroad Graduates should register and upload all the required academic, professional credentials (where APPLICABLE) and travel documents.

While registering on-line, all FOREIGN TRAINED GRADUATES should choose any centre convenient for them where their credentials would be physically verified. Facts About United Kingdom

After registration, PHYSICAL Authentication of all the credentials uploaded would take place in the centres SELECTED.

Please, have it in mind that only PCMs whose credentials are physically verified would be assigned with Call-Up Numbers and subsequently print Call-Up Letters. Ongoing Recruitment Apply

It’s therefore compulsory for all NIGERIAN FOREIGN TRAINED graduates who register
online for the Batch “C” 2019 Service Year to be physically present for physical verification of their credentials.


Thank you.


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