Visibility Is The Key

jealousy is a disease


How much will it price to be kind?
I see folks criticizing others, creating fun of their efforts and pull them down.
I see jealousy and negativity all around

“Jealousy usually refers to the thoughts or feelings of insecurity, fear, concern, and envy over relative lack of possessions, standing or one thing of nice personal price, notably in relevancy a comparator, a rival, or a contender.”
Jealousy is a dangerous emotion that crawls into envious hearts. It destroys everything they hold dear, their sanity and impoverish their mentality. It breeds greed and insecurity and turns them into miserable wretch. Hatred and anguish becomes their success. Stop jealousy before it stops you!
Comparing ourselves to others has taken on new dimensions since being able to view each other’s immortalized highlight reels 24/7.
It is no wonder that we get dragged into jealousy, insecurity and frustration as we are bombarded with picture perfect poses of happiness and success. Comparison help no one.Nothing kills my happiness and motivation faster than comparing my success or performance to someone else’s; someone who might appear wealthier, more talented or credentialed, smarter, better looking, or just plain luckier.
Jealousy always dirts mind, impedes growth. DETEST JEALOUSY.
You will find very few human beings who stay human every day and just when you find them, grab them and hold them tight.

They will be the one standing by your facet in your each fight

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