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How to write a winning Chevening Scholarships Application Essay- watch Video


Chevening Scholarships-Last year, at exactly three weeks to the Chevening application deadline which coincidentally is the same as now, I watched a live webinar that was anchored by the Nigerian Chevening program officer at the time.

I remember tuning in to the live session to get tips on how to perfect my application essays. I had written my essays at the time and I just needed extra tips.

The long and short of the story is that by the time I finished watching that live session, I had to scrap all my 4 essays to begin writing the essays again from the scratch. I realized I had not sold myself as a leader in a compelling and convincing way.

Previous unsuccessful applications Chevening Scholarships

What made the difference between my previous unsuccessful applications and the successful application is that Live Webinar.

Some people have what it takes to be a #cheveningscholar & any other Scholar for that matter but the inability to package & sell their stories in a convincing way has been holding them back.

I won’t tell you its easy as ABC, but I will tell you that with the right understanding of what is expected of you & putting in the work, not removing God factor, it is very possible.

So the great news is I will be hosting a live Facebook session (Q & A) on how to ace your Chevening application essays. Even if it’s another Scholarship you are applying for, you can still join the Live session. Most times, same general rules apply to scholarship applications. British Council 

Remember that this is an opportunity for you to bring all your questions and I can answer them Live.

Please share with your circle, community, friends, family etc, trust me there is at least one person you know that is interested in getting a scholarship to study abroad.

I can’t review essays for everyone but this I can do and in my opinion, it’s even better.

Thanks guys.



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  1. Thank you doctor, your efforts have gone a long way in improving my essay, but please Doctor, one last thing is needed and that is a review of my essay, i urgently need this,please my number is 08168555489, you can simply whatssapp me on this number, thanks for your help

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