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How to cure infection with Ginger +Garlic +turmeric +Clove (Detox Drink)


It works for Infection, especially long time infection, weight reduction mostly the Tummy areas, cycle correction, libido booster Perfect remedy for toilet infections tested and trusted

Preparations: Ginger +Garlic +turmeric +Clove (Detox Drink)

Cloves (little)

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Peel the back of the garlic, ginger and turmeric and slice into pieces. Then soak all the ingredients with water for minimum of 48 hours, maximum of 72 hours.

Dosage for the infection using Ginger +Garlic +turmeric +Clove (Detox Drink) Combo:

Take half cup first thing in the morning, before breakfast and also take it  at night before going to bed. Take as long as you feel the need to.

Those that can take it combo using Ginger +Garlic +turmeric +Clove (Detox Drink):

  • * It can be taken by both male and female.
  • *Children above the ages of 16
  • *For children below the age of 16, mix and dilute the combo with water (twice as you would add water when preparing for adults), Give them Two tablespoonfuls.
  • couples wanting to boost their sexual Libido can take it.

Note:  Ginger +Garlic +turmeric +Clove (Detox Drink)

.*Do NOT take during your ovulation and most especially your fertile days. The best time for those wanting to conceive should take while Menstruating.
*Do not take when you are not sure if conception has occurred.
*Not to be taken by pregnant and breast feeding mothers.
*Not to be taken while on drugs or other medications.
*Not to be taken if you have Ulcer, some of the ingredients will trigger the ulcer and aggravate it.
Try this combo and thank me later. 


INSTRUCTION ON Ginger +Garlic +turmeric +Clove (Detox Drink) Combo

Some infections are just chronic because they are long term. Some of you even feed them because of the food/drink you consume.

Don’t keep it in fridge. After the first water has been exhausted, refill and soak for another number of days.Thereafter, go and get another recipe of combo.

Those looking for the fruit of the womb, can start taking it on or before the commencement of their period and stop taking at during their ovulation period.

if you have long time infection, you need to continue taking it. if the combo finishes thus losing taste and color. Get yourself another set of the recipe until u are clean. However, note: avoid cold things and alcohol.

if you want to conceive take it during your period days and discontinue during your fertile or ovulation period if u are expecting a baby.

This combo mixture will not work for some people until u stop energizing those bacteria. Watch what u eat as this bacteria are been energized by meat, diary foods etc. You better stop feeding your enemy which is the kind of food you eat..

WHAT ARE THE SIGNS TO KNOW THAT THE COMBO Ginger +Garlic +turmeric +Clove (Detox Drink) IS WORKING


Expect possible detoxification,passes out waste from urine. Take much water during this process How to write a winning Chevening Scholarships Application Eassay- watch Video

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    • Yes I have seen testimonies from people after taken it..

      NB: don’t drink if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients

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