Good News!: How To Buy Cheap Used Phones and Laptops from USA


Hello, Are you thinking of a Business to start that will generate good profit? Or you have a business already or an employee that needs more business or side hustle? Well, I tell you this is the perfect business for you! I will explain later why I said it’s the perfect business for you.

So early 2019, I was in the same position as you right now; I wanted a side hustle to the Mini Importation I was doing. I wanted something that would give me quick profit and luckily I stumbled upon this business of importing mobile phone and laptop on a thread and it caught my attention.

Just going through my internet banking today and I realized I have made 808,754 this month alone (27th November 2019)

So straight to the point; No time for long talks… How did I achieve this? Well, they say a picture is worth thousands of words. So I will be explaining with pictures.

Galaxy Note 8 worth 120 thousand picked up for just ($90) 33,300 naira. Sweet Deal??

The Phone Picked up! This is no Audio Phone ??

Galaxy watch worth 100,000 Naira picked for just ($100) 37,000 naira. Over 60,000 naira pure Profit on One Gadget!

The Smart Watch picked up!

8 pieces of laptops picked up for just ($260) – 96,200 Naira!!! This no joke! Even if I sell the laptops for Gbanjo price of 50,00 naira each, that will be 400,000 naira. 303,800 pure profit. Sweetest Deal ??

All 8 laptops picked up!!

Don’t let me bore you with these pictures! Let’s move on to the real reason we’re here.

I know you have lots of questions on your mind; Questions like:

Which website is this?

Is this Yahoo Yahoo?

How can I buy from this Website?

How come these products are dead cheap?

Well, keep calm, I will answer your questions one after the other.

Which Website is this?

The Website is (Don’t bother checking the website because Nigerian IP has been blocked)

So how does this Website work?

Offerup is like a marketplace for people who want to sell their used products in USA. For instance, it’s just like or; that is, different people go there to sell different items at different prices. Let me break it down; For instance if you want to buy a 2003 Toyota Camry and you search for it on Olx or Jiji what you get are different colors, mileage, condition of the same model of cars and prices are different so how much they are selling an item might depend on so many factors like condition of the car or how desperate the seller wants to sell his/her item. In one word, it’s the USA version of OLX.

Is this Yahoo Yahoo (Illegal)?

No! If you’re looking for ways to steal phones, this post is not for you. Everything you will be doing here is 100% legal and you’re using your real details throughout the process.

How can I buy from this Website?

You buy these products through a Super Agent. Yeah, these guys are Nigerians living in USA and their work is to help you pick the item up for you and ship to Nigeria where you pick it up.

How come these products are dead cheap?

Sometimes these phones are cheap because the owner wants to upgrade his/her phone and doesn’t need the old phone again so ready to sell for a cheaper price. And you know these “oyinbo” has a credit system that can help them get whatever they want in a more convenient way.

And sometimes, it’s due to ignorance. Let me show a deal

This owner had issues with her iPhone and thought it was a serious issue (You can see she said it’s for parts i.e not usable). So she sold it for 37,000 naira meanwhile my guys at Computer Village, Ikeja will solve this issue within 5 minutes for 5,000 naira maximum ??

Iphone 7plus picked up for 37,000 naira

And most times, they sell for a really cheap price because oyinbo no dey take life serious like our Naija people  They have a soft heart and they don’t mind selling some products off because it’s causing a nuisance in their garage.

So this is how the process works:

You will search for a Hot, sweet deals and converse with the seller; you can also price the item and discuss the address to meet


You contact the Super Agent and tell him/her the information the seller sent you


You pay the agent and then the Agent meets your seller and picks up on your behalf


Agent ships the product to Nigeria and you pick up

What do you need to get started?


  • A smartphone that can browse
  •  At least 28-megabyte space to download one app⬇️
  • At least 1 hour per day to search for sweet deals⬇️
  •  Whatsapp to reach out to the Agent

So the question is:

How do you access the website and register from Nigeria?? (This doesn’t need any VPN or foreign number)

How do you converse with the seller?

How do you have access to these super agents?

How do you spot sweet deals like I showed you up there?

How do you sell these products to people in Nigeria?

I wrote a report that explains everything you need to know from A-Z of this Business.

Click here now==> And make sure you put in your email address and name to have access to the report.