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Why You Shouldn’t make your Spouse feel bad!


Spouse- if you are in a habit of running conclusion or judging someone without asking question especially when it concern two people and you are not interested to hear from both parties yet you finds it easy to yell it does not matter weather you are a lawyer, doctor, professor etc. in as you lack that sense of judgement and the other party brainwash you into believing he/her either. work permit in canada

The (LEGACY) Spouse create

as a result he/she is influential as the case maybe then your foolishness is so so unthinkable, you better go build your sense of judgement else you will end up making money in your career without making name(LEGACY). spouse

if you are in the habit of making people feel that older people should not apologies when they fall default, please stop is wrong. do not call it tradition like in africa countries, reasons why should hold unto it. lies: because that idea was build by your ancestors to satisfy their selfish desire. if you call yourself an elder then flee any wrong doing that will make you apologies to the younger one by so doing you will save yourself that pain, and be called a safe. Do not be deceive brother if you want to do it right without causing trouble for yourself and your relationship then acknowledge this fact! you are wrong!

Don’t make your Spouse feel Bad!

You don’t deserve me, i only had pity on you’ make sure you go out with the man/woman that worth your love, if you drawn it not love okey, just leave Get Canada visa wisdom is divine knowledge is earn, A man of wisdom knows when to make use of his knowledge but a fool doesn’t.

True definition of foolishness When you your Spouse bad

 Foolishness is when a man say to his fellow they can’t make it in life, knowing he isn’t God and words return back to the owner overtime, please karma has no respect for any.

Over look fake life: Don’t let what they say or do behind you devalue you rather turn their fake or hypocrisy before you into some positive life changing factor for a golden goal.

Everybody is important :When the head cracks the heart lives but when the heart cracks the head dies, everybody is important no messing around…….the people you mess with could in turn be the heart you can’t do without…. even the mad man at the market square with his head cracking he lives but only dies when his heart dies.

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