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Australian Awards Scholarships For Graduates With 3rd Class


Australian Awards Scholarships- if you are a 3rd Class graduate who has this believe that all hope in the world is lost? Read this information well, your lost hope has been restored. Do you think that you can’t make it again in life because of your 3rd class degree? Pull yourself up together because the Australian Award Scholarships for African students who graduated with 3rd class is here again and a good opportunity for you. FULBRIGHT SCHOLARSHIP 2019/2020 APPLY NOW

This scholarships opening for 3rd class graduates has two categories. We have the Award Scholarships for students to take part in higher degree courses in Australia at the Masters level. Then secondly, we have short courses Awards, which are targeted professional training courses that will add great value on the participants.

Why Australian Awards Scholarships?

This is a question that every student or applicant should ask. There is no harm in asking questions as our abilities to ask questions, clarifies us from all doubts and confusion.
Australia is a great destination for studies and holidays. Australia has a great security as the prosperity of the sub-Saharan Africa is of national interest to her. Furthermore, the standard of living in Australia is great and inviting compared to other countries. African countries have global economic and political importance towards the global economic growth, agricultural productivity and food security. Scholarship Worth $10,000 to Study Music Many African countries are thriving in this regards and are providing great opportunities for Australia in terms of trade and investment.
A deep look into the Sub Saharan Africa creates an understanding of the imbalances on areas of development. Some of these imbalance and barriers include poor business environment, food shortage, low skilled workers, low agricultural and infrastructural development, humanitarian crises etc. This shortage of skilled workers which is visible on the public domain is one of the key reasons why we have programs of this nature to help applicants and students to scale through and make it in life. Chevening Scholarships Application Essay- watch Video

The Australian Government’s development assistance program designed to provide access to postgraduate education, training and professional development opportunities for suitably qualified Africans from countries that are eligible.

Level/Field of study:
The scholarships position is for African students who want to undertake Masters degree that are taught at Australian Universities.

Field of Study:
This offer to study in Australian Universities falls within the following fields of study. They are as follows: Agriculture/Food Security
Public Health (this includes public sector management, public sector reform, trade, international diplomacy)
Environmental Management
Natural Resource Management
Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Natural Resource Management
Transport Management

Worth / Value of Scholarships

Australian Awards Scholarships for African Students is fully funded. Fully funded means that it will be paid and taken care of by the government. It also means that it has the value that includes a full tuition waiver accommodation and other little expenses. In this regards, over 1000 scholarships are available.

What are the Entitlements for this Scholarship?
Entitlements of the Australian Award Scholarships, include the following.

Full cost of tuition fee for up to two years.

It provides an economy class flight to Australia.

It gives an approximate annual stipend of AUD30, 000. This is to cover the living expenses while in Australia.

It provides an oversee Student Health Insurance Cover. This covers the basic medical cost.

It grants a one-off establishment allowance of AUD5, 000 to assist with the costs of starting life in Australia and commencing the course. GTB Recruitment Scholars, whose families remain in their home, may be granted the opportunity of a reunion airfare allowing them to travel home, midway through the course. This is available for candidates who have two years courses or more. Short Course Awards.

There are entitlements for Short Course Awards, and they include the following:
The full cost of tuition fee.

Travel mobilization from home country to the course delivery location(s) and return to the home country.
Visa expenses
A per Diem that is modest
Your Medical insurance for the duration of the short course will taken care of by the government.
Note: The scholarships has made it more flexible that students from Africa can write the exams from the home countries, without having t travel to Australia to writ the exams.
Eligible Countries: All African Countries

Requirements for the Australia Awards Scholarship

For you to apply for this scholarship, you must meet up with the following requirements.

You must be at least 25 years and not more than 50 years of age at the date of application.

You must posses at least three (three) years relevant post-graduate work experience. This work experience should be related to the field of study that you are applying. Experience and lifestyle in Australia

You must possess a minimum of a bachelor degree or its equivalent. This must be from a recognized institution of at least 4 years in length with at least a 3rd class or pass.

Public sector candidates must comply with the government of Nigeria regulations for government employees wishing to apply for the scholarship.

Candidates must provide an evidence of their completion of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC)

Candidates must not already hold a masters degree or studying for one.

You must meet the general minimum eligibility criteria for Australian Awards Scholarships.

The Australian Award Scholarships is a one in a one’s time opportunity.



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